Stonewall Committee

preserve, protect and promote the walls which helped shape our town

Stonewall Committee

In the 1990's, after preservation of two schoolhouses and the windmill, the society turned its efforts to a different structure, stonewalls! Steve Lepley and Robert Dennis formed a Stonewall Committee under the guidance of the Middletown Historical Society. Over the years, more than 50 property owners have been recognized for preserving and maintaining their walls.

Mission Statement

"The Middletown Historical Society organization shall have a stonewall committee to preserve, protect and promote the walls within the Town of Middletown. The committee shall be responsible for increasing the awareness among residents of the wisdom of allowing the stonewalls within the town to remain as they have for hundred of years so future generations can enjoy them.

The Stonewall Committee of the Middletown Historical Society she;; have its purpose to increase the awareness and appreciation of the stonewalls within the Town. By doing so, it shall be promoting the principle of the Society of preserving important elements of the Town's Past"

The committee worked actively with the Town to ensure protection, by ordinance, was implemented under the guidance of State legislature. Lectures were given in the area to educate about the structure's importance. Numerous newspaper articles followed the process and addressed the "how and why" of the stonewalls existence.

A stonewall registration form was formulated. Once filled out and returned, a member of the committee reviews the site, hopefully gets a picture and sends a Certificate of Appreciation to the land owner.

In conduction with the Town Council, the Middletown Historical Society recognized "Middletown Stonewall Recognition Day". This day is set for the Monday before Thanksgiving.

For those interested in maintaining and/or rebuilding an existing wall, a list of contractors, stone men, is available as a resource for property owners.

As the years have gone by, both chairmen have passed away and the program went idol. Board Member Chuck DiTucci has brought life back into the program and is directing the future growth and promotion of the program. This is an exciting new venture and a great example of the Society's mission - "Preserve - Educate - Restore"

Update 07/2019 - All current registered members are receiving a notice with a new certificate. Stonewall specific news and publications are being done. An online registration form is available as well as a copy in the newsletter.

Joining/Stonewall Recognition Committee.

Landowners -The Middletown Historical Society is dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of all Middletown's treasures. Among those treasures are our unique stonewalls, walled historic family burial grounds and the scenic roadways which our stonewalls border.

Your stonewall is an excellent example of our town's rural ambiance and heritage. We are attempting to save such remaining examples of our ancient stonewalls and to restore or rebuild others through the interest and generosity of landowners.

Volunteers - Please email the Society Attention: Chuck Ditucci if interested.
Landowner Registration -  please fill out the Stonewall Registration Form and a member of the Committee will be in contact with you shortly after to approve and finalize the registration process. Registration is Free.

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